Wind op Zee

The Center for Innovative Craftsmanship for Offshore Wind is being established. This center will train MBO students (and employees) for the offshore wind sector. There is intensive collaboration with the Center of Expertise Wind and Energy of the HZ. Around the two centers, a growing group of companies and governments is very active and bundled in the EnergyPort network. The Center for Innovative Craftsmanship, also known as DeltaLab, is one of the concrete project sheets of Zeeland's investment agenda.

About us

Country Nederland
Provincie Zeeland
EQF Level mbo
Sector Energy
Focus areas Connection education-labour market
Facilities and labs
Innovation and knowledge transfer
Life Long Learning
Network builing
Curriculum development
Type of collaboration MBO-initiatief
Starting year 2019
E-mailadres winddock@scalda.nl
Project leader Scalda
Social Media LinkedIn
Projectleider John Leeman


Antea Group BOW Terminal
BT Projects Bepack
DRTC (De Ruyter Trainingscentrum) De Oude Bibliotheek
Deinco Dutch Offshore Contractors
ECN Enduris en Delat Energy BV
Festo Gemeente Middelburg
Helix Learning Istimewa
KIC/MPI Terneuzen NIOZ Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee
NWEA Navingo
Noorderpoort Oceanwide Manpower Services
Peterson Provincie Zeeland
Redwave Rijkswaterstaat
Scalda Stg. middelbaar beroepsond./volwasseneneduc. Schelde Exotech
Simiotic Labs Stichting Dutch World Class Maintenance
TKI Wind op Zee TNO
TU Delft Total Wind Benelux BV
Trainingcentrum Vlissingen VDS Staal- en Machinebouw
Verbrugge Terminal Vrienden van Elektro- en Installatietechniek
Waterschap Scheldestromen Zeeland Seaports

Cooperate with the following partnerships

Centre of Expertise Water & Energy Centrum voor innovatief vakmanschap Wind op Zee

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