ECoVEM - European Center of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics

ECoVEM establishes a European Cooperation platform of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics to tackle the challenges of digitalisation, artificial intelligence, green technologies, gender equality and technology, integration of migrants. ECoVEM implements innovative instructional approaches towards life-long capacity to self-regulate learning, hard skills and soft skills using the ecosystems-based theoretical models and performance support systems.

Main objectives:
• Share ideas, methodologies and experiences towards vocational excellence in microelectronics sector, notably through the analysis and anticipation of relevant skills, innovative learning, job-related and work-based training
• Develop innovative VET curricula for EQF 3 to 8 in collaboration with companies, polytechnics and social partners
• Disseminate the achievements of microelectronics in digitalisation, green energy, robotics, space technologies and medicine to raise the attractiveness of microelectronics VET

Main Deliverables:
• Provision of skills and occupation profiles for microelectronics
• Establishment of an open microelectronics skills and qualification framework
• Development of new curricula and short courses, including on microelectronics for greener economy
• Provision of guidelines for innovative learner-centred VET with e-learning materials design and work-based learning approach
• Development of an ECoVEM certification and recognition model

About us

EQF Level hbo
Sector High Tech Systems Materials
Focus areas Connection education-labour market
Network builing
Curriculum development
Type of collaboration Platform of Vocational Excellence
Starting year 2020
Project leader Technical University of Sofia


ANCCP Associazione CIMEA
Bulgarian Industrial Association CEPYME
COMET SCRL Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Cyprus Productivity Centre European Association of Career Guidance
European Center of Women in Technologies INES-Formation
Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro Friuli Venezia Giulia srl J-ArtEck Jugendbildungsstätte e.V
Romit Ltd SEMI Europe GmbH
Student Computer Art Society Technical University Berlin
Technical University of Sofia Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia

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