Fontys ICT InnovationLab

In IT, the developments occur at an incredible pace. No one knows what the IT applications of tomorrow will be. Therefore, continuous attention for IT talents and their development into critical professionals is of great importance. The Fontys ICT InnovationLab facilitates hybrid teams of students, lecturers, research groups, expertise centers and Industry Partners (our so-called Partners in Innovation) to work together to develop talent and IT Innovation. The Fontys ICT InnovationLab is an Open Innovation environment that offers ample room for applied research, experiments, and unexpected combinations that can lead to innovation within the IT domain. A durable and sustainable relation between education, industry partners and our environment enables Life Long Learning, IT innovations by means of Applied Research and a contribution to the Digital Transformation of the Brainport and Midpoint Region of the Netherlands.

About us

Country Nederland
Provincie Noord-Brabant
EQF Level hbo
Sector IT
Focus areas Applied research
Connection education-labour market
Facilities and labs
Innovation and knowledge transfer
Life Long Learning
Network builing
Curriculum development
Type of collaboration Hbo-initiatief
Starting year 2018
E-mailadres s.vankuijk@fontys.nl
Project leader Fontys Hogeschool ICT
Specifiek aanbod voor MKB Ja
Projectleider Suzanne van Kuijk


Additive Industries Atos
CTOUCH GAC Business Solutions
HLB Van Daal Hendrix Genetics
Here Technologies PIDZ
PSV PharmaPartners
Simac Sligro Food Group
Sociale Verzekeringsbank Vion Food Group
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