Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics and AI

Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics is a flagship centre of excellence of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Bringing together academic experts, organisational leaders and students, the ECDA team and its community gives you access to world-class research, meaningful know-how, data analytics tools and a relevant network to boost your journey in the space of data analytics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics:

- Facilitates multi-disciplinary research and innovation based on 16 expert practices on data analytics and AI
- Offers infrastructure for data, analytics and AI in collaboration with tech partners
- Facilitates hands-on education to students and executives;
- Organizes top class-exclusive events, seminars and summits
- Offers a learning community among public and private organizations, academia and students

About us

Country Nederland
Provincie Zuid-Holland
EQF Level universiteit
Sector Agrifood
Creative Industry
Life sciences & Health
Entrepreneurship & Economy
Healthcare & welfare
Focus areas Applied research
Connection education-labour market
Facilities and labs
Life Long Learning
Network builing
Curriculum development
Type of collaboration Center of Vocational Excellence
Starting year 2018
E-mailadres ecda@rsm.nl
Project leader Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Projectleider Marcel van Oosterhout


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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam Gemeente Rotterdam
ING Quint

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