Center of Vocational Excellence Water Baltics

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Type samenwerkingCenter of Vocational Excellence
Lead partnerRiga Technical University
Type of organisation:Tertiary education
Education level:ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
ISCED 5: Short-cycle tertiary education
ISCED 6: Bachelor's or equivalent level
ISCED 7: Master's or equivalent level
Sector of expertise:Education
Electricity, gas and water supply
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence:The Center of Vocational Excellence Water Latvia is part of the Platform of Vocational Excellence Water www.povewater.eu
Existing activities:C&P: Apprenticeships, Upskilling and reskilling
C&P: Business incubators & Entrepreneurship
C&P: Business-education partnerships, Pact for Skills
C&P: Knowledge creation and dissemination
C&P: VET attractiveness campaigns
C&P: VET Internationalization strategies
G&F: Bringing together all relevant stakeholders
G&F: Co-creating skills ecosystems
G&F: Effective use of EU and national funds
G&F: National and regional Skills governance systems
G&F: Sustainable financial models
T&L: Higher level VET and flexible pathways
T&L: Innovative curricula
T&L: Innovative teaching and learning methods
T&L: Learner centered excellence approach
T&L: Life Long Learning continuum, Initial and continuing VET
T&L: Professional Development of teachers and trainers
T&L: Staff and learner mobility and joint qualification
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Daugavpils Construction Technical SchoolEstonian Waterworks Association
Journal of Water SecurityJärvamaa Kutsehariduskeskus
Latvian Association of Water Supply and Sewerage CompaniesLatvian Council of Science
Mechanics and Technology College of Olaine (OMTK)Ministry of Education and Science
Priekulu tehnikumsRiga Technical University

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