Center of Vocational Excellence Water Scotland

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LandUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Type samenwerkingPlatform of Vocational Excellence
Lead partnerGlasgow Clyde College
Type of organisation:VET provider
Education level:ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
ISCED 5: Short-cycle tertiary education
ISCED 6: Bachelor's or equivalent level
Sector of expertise:Education
Electricity, gas and water supply
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence:This Center of Vocational Excellence is part of the Platform of Vocational Excellence Water www.povewater.eu
Existing activities:C&P: Apprenticeships, Upskilling and reskilling
C&P: Business incubators & Entrepreneurship
C&P: Business-education partnerships, Pact for Skills
C&P: Innovation hubs & applied research
C&P: VET attractiveness campaigns
G&F: Bringing together all relevant stakeholders
G&F: Co-creating skills ecosystems
G&F: Sustainable financial models
T&L: Higher level VET and flexible pathways
T&L: Innovative curricula
T&L: Innovative teaching and learning methods
T&L: Learner centered excellence approach
T&L: Life Long Learning continuum, Initial and continuing VET
T&L: Professional Development of teachers and trainers
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British WaterColleges Scotland
Glasgow Clyde CollegeSAFEE
STF Scottish TrainingScottish Engineering Federation
Scottish Qualification AuthorityScottish Water

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