The name of our Platform for IoT VET excellence is Talentjourney, since our vision is to “Design a collaborating and engaging ecosystem where everyone can grow into a satisfied person and successful professional”.

Project partnership wants to bring VET stakeholder collaboration to excellence in content and ways of VET provision in order to innovate, act agile and improve responsiveness of VET providers to the needs of industry 4.0 and new era society and become as such a real world example for the excellence in IoT field.

The Platform will build on professional journeys of individuals to achieve excellence by providing top skills within IoT field and using innovative pedagogical approaches.

Main project outputs will be: data collection on skills needs; trans-national curricula and life-long trainings development; testing and prototyping the services for Talentjourney; trainings for professional development of trainers/teachers as tutors, leadership; master class trainings.

About us

Sector IT
Type of collaboration Platform of Vocational Excellence
Starting year 2019
E-mailadres talentjourney@scng.si
Project leader Solski Center Nova Gorica
Social Media Facebook


Center Republike Slovenije za poklicno izobrazevanje ECIPA
Elfl-Tech Estonian Electronics Industries Association
ISIS Malignani Mahle EDS
Park GmbH SAMK
Sataedu Solski Center Kranj
Solski Center Velenje Tallinna Polutehnikum

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