MKB Datalab Limburg

The MKB-datalab Limburg will support 750 Limburg SMEs in 3 years with internships, trainings and workshops in the field of data and digitization. Many consumers and companies buy via the digital route, but only a small number of companies offer products online or are working with digitisation and data to improve business processes and generate more turnover. After support in the MKB-Datalab Limburg, entrepreneurs are brought into contact with companies in the ICT and software industry who can help the companies further.

About us

Country Nederland
Provincie Limburg
EQF Level hbo
Sector IT
Maatschappelijke uitdagingen (MMIP) Vgd - MMIP 1 - Integrale aanpak, digitaal gedragen, van interventies, tools en data
Vgd - MMIP 8 - Gekwalificeerde en gekwantificeerde veiligheidsprofessionals
Tags mkb
Focus areas Connection education-labour market
Type of collaboration Digital workshop
Starting year 2019
E-mailadres elianne.demollin@ou.nl
Project leader Zuyd Hogeschool
Specifiek aanbod voor MKB Ja
Projectleiders Elianne Demollin-Schneiders
06 519 89 750
Mireille Jongen
06 247 76 996


Bright Smart Services Campus Maastricht University
Open Universiteit Rabobank
Vista College Zuyd Hogeschool

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