Digitale Werkplaats Twente

The goal of Digitale Werkplaats Twente (DWT) is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (2-50FTE) in their digitalization efforts. The goal is to improve the profitability and productivity of the company and make them better equipped for the future. To achieve this goal we expect to help 250 companies in a three year period using short projects, 40-80 hours, supported by students and teachers.

About us

Country Nederland
Provincie Overijssel
EQF Level hbo
Sector IT
Maatschappelijke uitdagingen (MMIP) Vgd - MMIP 1 - Integrale aanpak, digitaal gedragen, van interventies, tools en data
Tags mkb
Focus areas Connection education-labour market
Type of collaboration Digital workshop
Starting year 2019
E-mailadres r.effing@saxion.nl
Project leader Saxion College
Specifiek aanbod voor MKB Ja
Social Media LinkedIn
Projectleiders Paul Willems
06 269 00 620
Robin Effing
06 234 61 625
Rolf Oostra
06 51051147


IKT Koninklijke Metaalunie
MKB Twente Novel-T
Oostnl ROC van Twente
Rabobank Enschede-Haaksbergen TalentIT Twente
Techniekpact Twente Techwise Twente

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