Proeftuin 5Groningen

5Groningen is transforming North-Groningen into the ultimate testing ground for the latest generation of mobile internet. Entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations are joining forces with experts to test 5G applications. We are calling the pilot area the 5G Field Lab.

The applications we are testing concern developments in the care, energy, traffic & logistics, agriculture and living environment sectors. They include applications to monitor diseases in crops as they grow, using sensors that measure information and send huge volumes of data via the high-speed 5G network for swift analysis. Or applications that allow a doctor in a hospital to make a long-distance diagnosis thanks to a fast connection conveying live images from an ambulance.

About us

Country Nederland
Provincie Groningen
EQF Level hbo
Sector High Tech Systems Materials
Maatschappelijke uitdagingen (MMIP) Vgd - MMIP 1 - Integrale aanpak, digitaal gedragen, van interventies, tools en data
Vgd - MMIP 7 - Data en intelligence
Tags ICT 5G
Focus areas Applied research
Facilities and labs
Innovation and knowledge transfer
Type of collaboration Fieldlab
Starting year 2016
E-mailadres prake@ebgn.nl
Project leader Economic Board Groningen
Specifiek aanbod voor MKB Ja
Projectleider Peter Rake


Agentschap Telecom Dell EMC - VMware
Economic Board Groningen Ericsson
Hanzehogeschool Huawei
KPN Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

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Faciliteiten en labs

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