3D Makers Zone

3DMZ (3D Makers Zone) is a unique place where innovation is accelerated with companies. Ideas and concepts come directly to life here and are developed into prototypes, pilots and end products. Through our events, companies, organizations and educational institutions collect knowledge and strengthen their network. With our innovation programs, experience is gained around business models that you can apply immediately. All the way from A to Z and everything in between.

About us

Country Nederland
Provincie Noord-Holland
EQF Level hbo
Sector Construction
High Tech Systems Materials
Maatschappelijke uitdagingen (MMIP) Vgd - MMIP 6 - Innovaties voor een adaptieve krijgsmacht
Tags 3D printing, Smart Industry, blockchain, digital twinning
Focus areas Facilities and labs
Innovation and knowledge transfer
Life Long Learning
Network builing
Type of collaboration Fieldlab
E-mailadres hello@3dmakerszone.com
Social Media Instagram
Projectleider Kathelijn Rombaut


AkzoNobel Berenschot
DSM Deloitte
Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier
Inholland KLM
Nova College PWN
Provincie Noord-Holland Rabobank
WAVIN nova college

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Smart Makers Education Techport

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