A major energy transition is underway, from fossil to sustainable energy supply. The issues in this energy transition present technical challenges that require new energy technology.

Such technical issues are dealt with by the Sustainable Electrical Energy Center of Expertise (SEECE). A collaboration between companies and HAN University of Applied Science. SEECE focusses on the reliability of the electricity supply and the affordability of energy. After all, innovations must on the one hand solve technical problems, but also contribute to a reliable electricity supply and be financially interesting. The results of energy research flow back into the curriculum of HAN University of Applied Science.

In addition to the innovation agenda, SEECE focusses on the human capital agenda in close cooperation with the Topsector Energie. There are and will be large shortages on the labor market in the energy sector. Training more technicians for the energy sector, both full-time and part-time, is a joint interest of the parties in the expertise center. Innovation is a high priority in this regard. After all, the emergence of new energy technology is creating new kinds of jobs with a need for different knowledge and skills.

About us

Country Nederland
Provincie Gelderland
EQF Level hbo
Sector Construction
Maatschappelijke uitdagingen (MMIP) E&D - MMIP 02 - Hernieuwbare elektriciteitsopwekking op land en in de gebouwde omgeving
E&D - MMIP 03 - Versnelling energierenovaties in de gebouwde omgeving
E&D - MMIP 04 - Duurzame warmte (en koude) in de gebouwde omgeving (incl. glastuinbouw)
E&D - MMIP 05 - Het nieuwe energiesysteem in de gebouwde omgeving in evenwicht
E&D - MMIP 08 - Elektrificatie en radicaal vernieuwde processen
E&D - MMIP 09 - Innovatieve aandrijving en gebruik van duurzame energiedragers voor mobiliteit
E&D - MMIP 10 - Doelmatige vervoersbewegingen voor mensen en goederen
E&D - MMIP 13 - Een robuust en maatschappelijk gedragen energiesysteem
Tags hybride docent
Focus areas Applied research
Connection education-labour market
Facilities and labs
Innovation and knowledge transfer
Life Long Learning
Network builing
Curriculum development
Type of collaboration Center of Vocational Excellence
Starting year 2013
E-mailadres tinus.hammink@han.nl
Project leader Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
Social Media Facebook
Projectleider Tinus Hammink


00 Keypartner - Alliander N.V. 00 Keypartner - DNV GL
00 Keypartner - ELaadNL 00 Keypartner - Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
00 Keypartner - Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW) 00 Keypartner - KEMA Laboratories B.V.
00 Keypartner - Tennet TSO B.V. 01 Partner - Alfen B.V.
01 Partner - Arcadis Nederland B.V. 01 Partner - Bilfinger Tebodin Netherlands B.V.
01 Partner - Bredenoord Aggregaten B.V. 01 Partner - Dekra Certification B.V.
01 Partner - ECHT regie in Transitie B.V. 01 Partner - Elestor B.V.
01 Partner - Haagse Hogeschool 01 Partner - Hyet B.V.
01 Partner - Hygear 01 Partner - Hymatters
01 Partner - Hymove 01 Partner - IA Groep B.V.
01 Partner - InnovatieHUB IIME (Innovatie In Mobiliteit & Energie) 01 Partner - Kropman Installatietechniek B.V.
01 Partner - Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology B.V. 01 Partner - OutSmart B.V.
01 Partner - PinkRF 01 Partner - Qconcepts Design & Engineering B.V.
01 Partner - Royal Smit Transformers B.V. 01 Partner - Saxion Hogeschool
01 Partner - Spie Nederland B.V. 01 Partner - Super-B
01 Partner - Talent voor Transitie 01 Partner - Technische Universiteit - Delft
01 Partner - Ubbinnk B.V. 01 Partner - Venema E-Mobility Charge Systems B.V.
01 Partner - Volta Energy 01 Partner - Wattsun Pop-up power
02 Belanghebbende - Gemeente Arnhem 02 Belanghebbende - Provincie Gelderland
02 Belanghebbende - Samenwerking met regionale ROC's 02 Belanghebbende - Topsector Energie
02 Belanghebbende - Vereniging Hogescholen 03 Netwerk - Arnhems Waterstofcluster
03 Netwerk - Center of Expertise Human Capital of Building (HUB) 03 Netwerk - Clean Mobility Center
03 Netwerk - Cleantech Center Zutphen 03 Netwerk - Connectr Energy Innovation lab
03 Netwerk - Lectorenplatform Energievoorziening in Evenwicht (LEVE) 03 Netwerk - Lectorenplatform Urban Energy
03 Netwerk - NKL - Stichting Nationaal Kennisplatform Laadinfrastructuur 03 Netwerk - NWBA - Nederlandse Waterstof en Brandstofcel Associatie
03 Netwerk - New energie made in Arnhem 03 Netwerk - SER - Taakgroep Arbeidsmarkt en Scholing
03 Netwerk - Stichting CIGRE Nederland 03 Netwerk - Stichting Dutchpower
03 Netwerk - Stichting KiEMT 03 Netwerk - Verenigde Papierfabrieken Nederland (VPN)

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