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  • Wise Greece

    Wise Greece is a multi-award-winning non-profit Initiative. It promotes worldwide the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the excellent products of small Greek producers, while with the profit from their sale it buys essential food supplies so as to distribute them to children, homeless families and elderly people who live below the poverty line. .


    Agrosingularity is a start up that produces solutions and ingredients for the food industry from the waste of agroindustrial production, giving a second life to production surpluses that would otherwise end up being lost and contributing to the emission of COe into the atmosphere.
    Its founders wanted to do their bit with a project that proposes avoiding food waste.
    This, as in the ca...

  • Agrosingularity

    Agrosingularity is a start up that produces solutions and ingredients for the food industry from the waste of agroindustrial production, giving a second life to production surpluses that would otherwise end up being lost and contributing to the emission of COe into the atmosphere.
    Its founders wanted to do their bit with a project that proposes avoiding food waste.
    This, as in the ca...

  • Ashes to Life Project

    ATL Project is an R&D&I project promoted by ASHES TO LIFE whose objective is to help regenerate the planet's burned forests.
    When a forest burns, there is nothing left. Nothing but ash.
    ASHES TO LIFE Project proposes to transform a small portion of that ash into different products, and with its sale, obtain funds that help the regeneration of those same forests through an Ecological ...


    Clothing workshop that promotes social and labor insertion, through the enhancement of textile waste.

  • Atelierul de Panza

    Atelierul de Panza started in 2009 and is a project of the non-profit organisation ViitorPlus.

    Our social business was designed as an example for the concept of “sustainable development”.

  • BEWEL (Hasselt)

    "The circular economy is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have. At Bewel, we understand this like no other. Our skilled hands support companies with circular tasks that are profitable for both the planet and the business, tasks that often cannot be automated or done by machines.".

  • Boro Atelier

    Boro Atelier social enterprise to produce and process natural dyes.

  • Capace cu Suflet / Bottle Caps with Love

    Caps with love is an easy idea to implement and customize, for communities of people who are passionate about good deeds and who care about WHAT'S IN and WHAT'S AROUND them.

    In 4 simple steps it would be like this:

    * encouraging the collection of HDPE (code 2) and PP (code 5) plastic bottle caps
    * selling the plastic bottle caps to specialized companies

  • Centrul de Incubare Creativ Inovativ de Afaceri

    Asoc. CICIA is located on NE part of Romania, in Neamt county.


    VET School with degrees in food production and environmental control & education.
    Longlife learners courses in farming and environmentt.

  • Circúbica

    We recover waste from companies to offer them as material for creation, extracting the beauty that exists in them and showing the infinite possibilities of action they offer.

    We dialogue between cultural, artistic, educational, environmental and scientific contexts.
    We recover, rethink and catalog non-toxic objects of all kinds, from cardboard, paper and all their derivative...

  • Floating Farm

    Floating Farm is The world's first floating farm has been realised in Rotterdam. Priorities are: animal welfare, circularity, sustainability and innovation. Producing healthy food in cities, close to the consumer. That is what we call 'Transfarmation'.

  • Folkhälsan i Korsholm

    Folkhälsan is the largest Swedish-speaking organization in Finland that works for better health and quality of life. We are both a service producer and expert organization, as well as a citizen movement.

    Folkhälsan is an active civil society organisation with 19,000 members. We have around 100 local associations, which engage in health-promoting, non-profit activities.


    Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year 2018 .


    4Werk is a unique platform comprising 24 custom work companies in West Flanders. We are a structured non-profit organization with paying members, an external chairman, a Board of Directors, and Directors' Meetings. We represent the custom work companies employing 6,900 workers, of which over 80% (5,800) are individuals who, for various reasons, cannot, have not yet, or may never be employed in con...

  • Humacapiact srls

    HumaCapiAct srls is an Italian organization working in the areas of education and training within European Union and international programmes.

  • Innovation Hive

    A private non-profit organization located in Greece, specialized in the fields of research and innovation.

  • InVento Innovation LAB

    InVento is a Social Enterprise established in 2014 in Milan, with a predominantly female team of TEDx speakers, innovators, lecturers in the most important business schools with multidisciplinary and multi-year expertise in accompanying multinational companies, SMEs etc towards regenerative paths.

  • LivsVinn

    LivsVinn strives to reduce food waste at all stages of the food chain.
    LivsVinn is the solution to problems regarding overproduction, short dates, and high quality requirements of customers.

    At the same time as you collaborate with LivsVinn your company will get an environmental character while doing a good deed fo the local community.

    LivsVinn donates part of ...

  • Made in moerwijk

    Made in Moerwijk is the brand of our activities and services. Our brand is a collection of activities that have a positive impact on the future of neighbourhood residents in terms of employment and creative processing of recycled materials.

  • Mangelmoes VZW

    Discover Mangelmoes, the organic farm in Houthalen-Helchteren since 2018. Along the Mangelbeek, we offer a fresh mix of vegetables, straight from the field to your bag. Since July 2018, we proudly wear our organic label, striving for a purely natural process without pesticides. Our focus on a healthy soil life results in flavorful, organic products and promotes biodiversity. Come by soon for a tas...

  • Minimossen

    Minimossen is the first recycling mall in Finland. We sell carefully selected recycled items. At Minimossen you can shop in a smart and sustainable way.

  • Mirafiori Cultura in Circolo

    "Mirafiori Cultura in Circolo", is a project that envisages five workshops on reuse and circular economy with the involvement of the students of the Primo Levi High School (Turin) and the citizens of the neighborhood (Mirafiori) on the issues of sustainability and reuse, encouraging active practices against waste.

  • Nutripeople

    NutriPeople is an initiative against waste with great social value.
    We are a socially responsible Murcian food company with an international vocation, which bases its activity on the production of 100% natural fruit drinks—pouch format specialists.
    We are committed to the circular economy to contribute to Zero waste and better food redistribution. Our innovative system allows us to...

  • On line course of optimization and efficiency in the use of water and energy in food industry

    Optimization and efficiency in the use of water and energy in food industry.


    Praktijk- en Innovatiecentrum Circulaire Economie .

  • Progetto ECCO – Community Circular Economies

    The ECCO project, promoted by Legambiente and funded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, spanned 18 months, engaging 700+ entities, 24 schools, and 3000+ students nationwide. Promoting circular economy principles, it fosters a production model reducing waste and pollution, creating new employment opportunities and fostering a social inclusion approach.

  • Progetto Utile - A Circular Economy Initiative with Vocational Training Integration

    Progetto Utile, a collaborative effort led by Dismeco s.r.l., the metropolitan city of Bologna, and partners such as Hera, CNA, Emil Banca, and Aires, not only champions the recovery and regeneration of household appliances but also integrates a vocational training and social component. The initiative focuses on providing hands-on skills to individuals, combining certified industrial excellence wi...

  • SocialXChange Store Romania

    SocialXchange is a circular social economy center where it is established a charitable and exchange system that excludes the input of money and from which everyone has something to gain.

  • Stowarzyszenie Edukacji Rolniczej i Le?nej EUROPEA POLSKA

    SERiL EUROPEA Polska is an association of green sector schools and institutions. .

  • The Federation of Swedish Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture/YA - Vocational College of Ostrobothnia

    YA - Vocational College of Ostrobothnia has a vision as a VET educator to respond to surrounding values, countries' cultures, societies, and industries. Knowledge of circular economy and sustainability permeates the organization and its operations.


  • The Finnish Red Cross, FRC

    The Finnish Red Cross, FRC, helps people in times of accidents or crises in Finland and abroad.

    We take care of those in the most disadvantaged position. We help amidst crises and accidents and support people of all ages when life gets hard.

    We encourage and train people to take care of one another and look after their health. In all our work, we defend humanity and ...

  • The Orchard School - we work with Nature!

    "The Orchard School - we work with Nature!" is an educational and practical initiative, dedicated to HEALTHY AND ACCESSIBLE FOOD, WHICH DEVELOPS SOCIAL CONNECTIONS, supported by Auchan Foundation and implemented by ,,Livada Comunitară Marțişor,, in partnership with AMURTEL Romania and Auchan RETAIL Romania.

  • The Sustainability Week

    The Sustainability Week highlights the theme of sustainability and good examples of sustainable actions to the wider public.

    The week is an arena for discussion about current sustainability issues in the region, and to highlight sustainability work that is done in organisations.

  • Titan

    Cement and building material manufacturer Titan Greece actively contributes to the implementation of a circular economy model at different points throughout its production process. The company uses less energy and produces concrete that helps with climate adaptation and mitigation.

  • Too good to go

    We dream of a world where food is not wasted. Every day, restaurants, grocery stores, cafes and supermarkets have to waste food that they have not managed to sell in time.
    To avoid this, the Too Good To Go application allows users to take advantage of that meal by purchasing Surprise Packs at a better price.
    At Too Good To Go, we...

  • Traperos de Emaus

    Traperos Emaús Murcia has been present in the Region of Murcia since 1995 and has developed a program of comprehensive care and social and labour insertion through employment for socially excluded groups.
    The means of insertion within the Emmaus community is the work of recovering objects and materials that people throw away, their collection, classification, cleaning, arrangement and subs...

  • WEnCoop

    Women from a variety of backgrounds and cultures founded the WEnCoop, a "broad-based" energy cooperative. The Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs, is the organization behind this initiative, which seeks to advance women's entrepreneurship and enable its members to work in the energy sector through the use of clean energy sources. Together, the members of WEnCoop innovate and build Europe's fi...

  • Wind of Renewal / Anemos Ananeosis

    Wind of Renewal / Anemos Ananeosis is a social cooperative, constituted in Greece in 2014 for the promotion of social cooperative and responsible economy, social entrepreneurship, green-circular economy, incorporation of democracy and human rights in financial and social life, as well as eco-social innovation. .

  • Zaklad Aktywnosci Zawodowej

    The Vocational Activity Centre provides the disabled residents of the Tuchola poviat with proper vocational and social rehabilitation. .

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