EVIO - Electrical Mobility

EVIO is a tech SME that developed a platform for electric vehicle charging ecossystem. Can be implemented by: countries, cities, operators, house condominiums, companies, parking lots, shopping centres, hotels, buildings, operators, supermarkets, fleet managers, etc. The technology developed provides value added services, to both electric vehicle users and charging points owners. Example: monetization, analytics, energy load balancing, smart management, user identification, intelligent algorithms that allow charging to be optimized towards low cost energy tariffs or green tariffs, reducing the carbon footprint of the user, etc. It's hardware agnostic, connecting to any charging station. You can created and provide a open access to EVIO charging network, where anyone can add their private charging station and monetize it. Also developed a small and low cost hardware, that enables any person to transform any electricity outlet in to an intelligent charger, without having to spend hundreds of euros on a charging point. For more information please visit www.go-evio.com or contact evio@go-evio.com

About us

ContactCarlos Almeida
E-mail addressevio@go-evio.com
Type of organisation:Company
Education level:ISCED 6: Bachelor's or equivalent level
ISCED 7: Master's or equivalent level
Sector of expertise:Electricity, gas and water supply
Professional, scientific and technical activities
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