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Our schools offer technical school, comprehensive grammar school education and vocational training after primary school. There is technical school training in seven sectors: Management and Administration, Trade, Logistics and Forwarding, Tourism and Catering, Information Technology, Sport, Health Tools. The training is of 5 or 6 years (depending on language specialisation) until obtaining the Matura and the professional qualification. Our students visit a number of plants and factories, our teachers organise visits to companies such as AUDI, Auchan, IKEA, GE or the LEGO factory and also local SMEs in all district of the capital and in its surroundings. In the continuous summer practice frames, our students work for companies upon student’s contract as professional practice. The professional practice is organised and coordinated by the leaders of practical education at schools in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce.
Approximately 13000 students are taught by 1000 teachers in the Centre.

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ContactAnikó Salamon
Type of organisation:VET provider
Education level:ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
Sector of expertise:Education
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence:The size of the institutions offers several advantages from the standpoint of pedagogy. The age of the students (between 14 and 22-23 years) show that most of them belong to the Z-generation. Learning for them means something absolutely different, so schools and educators are really challenged if they want to fulfil their students’ expectations. Applying modern pedagogical tools and methods is an accentuated objective of the Centre. All schools are provided with tools suitable for cooperative work (desks and chairs), and it is an expectation towards the teachers to use them in their daily work.
The cooperation among teachers and network learning is enhanced by a number of different programs (applications, open lessons, dissemination events). We find it important to have available electronic curricula in the schools. This type of common work is extremely important in the case of professional subjects since we continuously face the challenge of the changing curricula and the lack of course books.
Since March 2017 we also report on our school events and methodological applications on a pedagogical blog. Besides providing information, the aim of the blog is a community building which is also enhanced by our Facebook site and group.
In May 2017 two colleagues from each school participated in a methodological training called ‘Efficient school for everyone’ organised by Gyermekek Háza (‘Children’s House’, a very special elementary school in Budapest), where the methods of differentiated teaching and student-centred education were presented and specific examples of the same were shown in the frame of open courses. The program turned out to be a success both from the viewpoints of interschool relationships and methodology. Since then many of our educators have reported about applying the learnt tools, games and classroom layout in their own classes.
Every school year, we call for a methodological application for our educators. In the frame of the application, our open-minded and innovative colleagues present their ideas, projects and introduce us to their classes held in the spirit of innovation and to their students’ attitudes to new methods. Mottos of these applications are for example: ‘Show me, I'll remember’, ‘Involve me and I’ll understand’, ‘I teach, so I change’, ‘E-curriculum in my class’, ‘Together? We work!’. Winning applicants are usually celebrated on Teachers’ Day.
We do every day our best to make every single class interesting and motivating in our schools.
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