Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

Entrepreneurship and skills policies are among FGB’s core programme areas. FGB’s research focuses on understanding the institutional and behavioural factors that affect these policies and on the likely impact of technological change on them. FGB’s work is deeply rooted in the values of social inclusion, local cohesion, sustainability, and digital innovation for economic growth, equal opportunities and access to the job market through skills development, gender equality and cultural diversity advocacy, and civic participation for local development. We are interested in joing a consortium to which we could offer the following expertise: * Research capacity for anticipating the skill needs * Transversal expertise related to Entrepreneurial skills, digital skills and digital teaching/learning, inclusion and gender issues. * Capacity to solicit/support student entrepreneurship: set up and management of incubation hubs and management of related incubation process and support services. * Governance: capacity and network for orchestrating innovation learning ecosystems and actors

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