Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Industrie Technologique Innovante et Performant.

The "Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Industrie Technologique Innovante et Performante" (CMQ ITIP) of the University of Burgundy (Institute of Technology in the city Le Creusot in France) aims at bringing the world of education and research closer to the professional world for the benefit of young people and society through the evolution of teaching practices, corporate world transformation and social progress. The first concern of the CMQ ITIP is the industrial sector to modernise it and make it progress regarding environmental urgency. It develops its actions in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (BFC) region and it involves numerous partners. The CMQ ITIP has been built with the support of the BFC Region. It federates many partners from education (bac-5 to bac+5) and economy. It is fundamentally connected to the labour market and the vocational training system with their respective problematics (professions in tension, skills development, new professions, the anticipation of new professions, personalised curricula, …). The CMQ ITIP develops: • The paradigm « we are all learners, we are all resources » allowing efficient collaboration between people of all ages; • Involvement of young people (bac-5/bac+5) in business and social projects and problems. • Collaborations between partners through challenges and projects; • The vocational and personalised curriculum from bac to bac+3 (vocational bachelor) with the Institute of Technology (IUT) of Le Creusot; • A first training centre based exclusively on the development of projects in collaboration with numerous partners; • A natural way to induce a lifelong learning continuous approach for up-skilling and re-skilling; • New methods of collaboration with companies through the study of company problem issues, study and co-construction of student-company project, project confrontation; • Educational program construction: thanks to the project-based approach, the students develop their new profession based on the progressive construction of their personalised education program; • Collaborations between partners through challenges and projects. To develop its outreach and interaction missions, the CMQ has created, in collaboration with the University of Burgundy, a specific training. In this training, students are project leaders, ambassadors and collaborators with the partners.

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Type of CollaborationNational CoVE Initiative
ContactAngéline Menager
Sector of expertise:(Advanced) Manufacturing
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