Udhetim i Lire - Liberi di Viaggiare

The mission of the Association “UiL - LdV” is carried out by:
1. The advocacy
2. The Research
3. The Information and Experience exchange
4. Partnership and Network
5. Lobbying
1. The Implementation of effective instruments of cooperation between members, to be a social and organized exponent in all the tourist sector of the cultural heritage.
2. Take initiatives that set in motion and make active the Italian tourism and other countries, in outgoing and in incoming.
3. To be the legal representative and trade union between the members and protect their interests in economic, professional and cultural terms, through all the institutional, legal and social forms (at local, national and international level) and to show ability to achieve this objective.
4. The promotion, formation and the further development of the subjects that are members of it.
The activities of the Association “Udhetimi i Lire-Liberi di Viaggiare” are implemented in these sectors:
1) Active participation in the local, national and international institutions and authorities for the adaption of the legislative means.
2) Promote the adaption for the politic modernization of the enterprises of this sector.
3) Communicate with the public opinion through all the means of communication and its publications.
4) Collaboration and agreement in national and international levels.

About us

ContactMiranda Mansaku
E-mail addressmirandamansaku@udhetimiilire.org
Type of organisation:Other
Sector of expertise:Administrative and support service activities
Arts, entertainment and recreation
Transport, storage and communication
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