Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana (BIC Ljubljana)

Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana - BIC Ljubljana is a public education institution with more than a 160-year-old tradition. It has more than 200 employees (pedagogical and non-pedagogical) and more than 3200 students/adult participants. The centre includes four units: General Upper Secondary School and Veterinary Technician School, School of Food Processing, Vocational College and Intercompany Training Centre. In central Slovenia, BIC Ljubljana is the leading vocational institution in the areas of food processing, nutrition, hospitality and tourism, baking and pastry confectionery, veterinary nursing, natural sciences and nature protection.
We give great emphasis on practical training of all students and are trying to provide the best possible working environment under mentors supervision. Following this, we have our School veterinary clinic, School pastry and bakery workshops and school shop selling these products,
School tourist agency, Teashop Primula, school restaurant and coffee shop, microbrewery.
Very important part of our programs is the practical work and practical training in companies (BIC Ljubljana has contracts with more than 200 partners). The school participates in various fairs and events, competitions at home and abroad. BIC Ljubljana has established a good cooperation with schools (on primary, secondary and tertiary level) in Slovenia and also very good international cooperation with vocational schools in Europe. To provide also international experience we strongly cooperate in Erasmus+ projects and send approximately 8-10% of our high school students for training abroad.
Students have access to well equipped classrooms, modern information and communication technology and laboratory equipment allow high-quality classes, courses and practical training in workshops and laboratories.

We have an established career centre since 2011, which is meant for all high school and vocational college students and adult participants in BIC Ljubljana. Career centre is always available for counselling, provides information on work offers, additional education regarding job search, instructions on writing CVs and motivational letters, preparations on job interviews, testing for identification of own interests, promotion of personal growth and career development.

Our fourth unit, Inter-Company Training Centre, is strongly connected with all school units as well as with companies, industry. Training Centre organises pastry confectionery, baking, cooking, and veterinary and computer courses. Employees and other professionals in nutrition and catering business can attend training. For larger groups, the Centre organises tailor-made courses and training according to their wishes and upon prior agreement.

We have gained rich experiences during our cooperation in previous international projects co-financed by the European Union, which helped us to establish efficient communication with international partners. In managing and coordinating this project we shall use methods such as

video conference which were used before in previous projects. This will enable us to prepare for efficient and successful working meetings in partner countries.
One of the BIC Ljubljana’s development tasks and standards of excellence is employability of participants who are engaged in the education process irrespective of their status as upper secondary school students, college students and adults. Developing modern teaching and learning methods of entrepreneurship and business initiative is line one option to realise excellence in line with the vision of our organisation.

We were one of the first schools in Slovenia to hold Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter ERAPLUS-VET-MOB-CERT), AKR-VET-6/15. We successfully prolonged it and now hold the accreditation for the new project period 2021-2027 in both, vocational education and vocational college level.

In October 2020 we were awarded the national award for outstanding achievements in the educational field.

In november 2020 the European commission awarded BIC Ljubljana with excellence award for most innovative VET provider in Europe. Our nomination based on a newly developed product Newdles, wheat durum pasta with barley pomace, that results from the beer production process and ends up as waste. Product was developed by students in the food and nutrition program.

About us

ContactMaja Krajnik
Type of organisation:VET provider
Education level:ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
ISCED 5: Short-cycle tertiary education
Sector of expertise:Accommodation and food service activities
Agriculture, hunting & forestry
Hotels and restaurants
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence:In November 2020 BIC Ljubljana was awarded VET Excellence Award by The European Commission, a prestigious competition of excellence in vocational education and training.

For the excellence award in the category VET innovators award BIC Ljubljana presented numerus activities that we implement in different educational programmes. School microbrewery BIC Ljubljana that works in the frame of Centre of Culinary and Tourism KULT316 was presented in the special introductory video. Our students of food and nutrition program developed Newdels, wheat durum pasta with barley pomace, that result from the beer production process and end up as waste. In the final product, they represent as much as 18 percent of the final mass. With them, they won a bronze award at the Ecotrophelia 2019 competition and a silver award at the EIT Food Innovation international competition.

The »VET Innovators Award« aims to identify a European VET provider that has contributed to VET excellence through innovative practices. We competed in the European final against a consortium of vocational and technical schools from Finland.

In October 2020 we were awarded the national award by Slovenian Ministry of Education for outstanding achievements in the educational field.
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