Cluster of Regional Development

Klaster regionálneho rozvoja (Cluster of Regional Development) is a regional and dynamic association of interests of various legal entities, in charge of driving economic development, business efficiency as well as empowerment of local communities through education and training and the promotion of sustainable tourism and environment. Our mission is to impact lives by encouraging people to engage in changes for better, as we believe in our regional specific assets and many opportunities to explore.

The Cluster of Regional Development is a small, dynamic organization that is focused towards supporting its members and work towards the empowerment of our local communities. We don´t have a broad administrative structure, instead we network with its members and other stakeholders to manages the exchange of experience in their real needs, especially in creating and processing strategies, advising on the preparation and implementation of project objectives of its members, creating conditions for more successful promotion and dissemination of good practice results of our members.

Cluster´s member´s base consists of a mix of stakeholders ranging from private, public and the third sector, therefore entrepreneurial subjects, cities, towns and non-governmental and interest organisations. The Cluster was created in 2008 and at the time its member’s base consisted out of various local municipalities and Trnava Self-Governing Region. The initial purpose of Cluster creation was to support the development of tourism in Trnava self-governing region and later in western Slovakia. From 2017 clusters activities expanded to field of education & training as well as advisory activities and since 2018 Cluster´s geographical coverage is nation-wide. From the very beginning, we have focused on creating synergies with the different stakeholders and currently we offer services and counselling to our 48 members. Among other activities, the Cluster helps to develop and disseminate services, products and activities of its members in a way that is more visible, accessible and primarily more advantageous for other members, but also for wider range of citizens, visitors and customers. The Cluster covers three main areas of activity: a) Tourism; b) Education & Training; c) Environment.

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ContactPetra Sulovska
Type of organisation:Development Agency
Sector of expertise:(Advanced) Manufacturing
Agriculture, hunting & forestry
Arts, entertainment and recreation
Culture/Creative industries
Other community, social and personal service activities
Professional, scientific and technical activities

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