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Ambitio College (AC) is an adult education and VET provider with 10 years of experience in providing formal (reskilling and upskilling) and non-formal training programmes in the field of health (especially in dental medicine), tourism (especially health tourism), and sports. It has established years long cooperation and partnership with highly recognized Croatian institutions - Croatian Dental Chamber, Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb and Dental Polyclinic Zagreb. Apart from providing adult and VET education, AC aims to develop new training programmes and curricula focused on specific economic sector which fulfil labour market needs. It has also 6 years of experience in project management, having participated in 6 projects funded by the European Social Fund and two Erasmus+. Projects were focused on the development and implementation of: new training programs (formal and non-formal) and e-learning systems for adult learners (especially unemployed adults); training programs for teachers and mentors in tailored-made skill improvement training on professional, pedagogical skills and learning outcomes; extracurricular activities and facultative subjects within the secondary school curriculum for multiple types of literacy; digital educational materials for ten extracurricular activities and faculty subjects for pupils in secondary school; and development of Quality management system. From 2018 AC is a partner in new Regional Centre of Excellence in the health sector in Croatia.

About us

ContactAlen Stranjik
Type of organisation:VET provider
Education level:ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
Sector of expertise:Education
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence:Ambitio College is the partner of VET Regional Center of Excellence Mlinarska in health sector in Croatia.
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