Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Paris area

The Regional Chamber of Trade and Craft of Paris area, which was set up by the French Ministerial Order of 18 March 1998, represents, defends and promotes the general interests of 238 000 artisanal undertakings in the Greater Paris region. It is the preferred regional representative for drawing up and implementing public policies affecting the artisanal sector. In 2017, there were 284,000 employees working in the Greater Paris region’s artisanal sector. Together, they achieved an estimated turnover of €50 billion in 2016. Within the network of eight chambers of trade and craft in Ile-de-France, it defines priorities and coordinates strategic initiatives in matters relating to business development, training and apprenticeships, in a bid to establish a genuine regional dynamic, promote the balanced development of the artisanal economic fabric and protect jobs in the sector. More information on the CMA Ile-de-France Website :

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Type of organisation:Chamber
Education level:ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
ISCED 5: Short-cycle tertiary education
ISCED 6: Bachelor's or equivalent level
Sector of expertise:Administrative and support service activities
Culture/Creative industries
Health and Social Work
Other community, social and personal service activities
Public administration and defense
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence:Since 2021, the CMA of Paris area is a key player for Vocational Excellence in France.

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