The CoVE “WIN4SMEs” will significantly boost workplace innovation in SMEs by nurturing a skilled workforce and entrepreneurship, fostering collaborative environments and promoting knowledge transfer. It will bring necessary attention and improvement to this often overlooked but crucial field. SMEs, facing significant transitions from technological advancements, globalization, and demographic shifts, must consistently innovate to tackle challenges like • growing shortage of skilled workers & young entrepreneurs • low participation in VET • skills gap, trainings not aligned with SMEs’ needs • low cooperation between universities & lack of SME oriented curricula • low internationalization of SMEs & VET providers, with 20 partners from 9 countries and 70 associated organisations, will meet these challenges. It will unite VET providers, higher education institutions, and SME associations that jointly establish CoVEs on “Workplace Innovation” in 7 countries (DE, DK, FI, HU, LT, NL, PL), coordinated by one umbrella CoVE. Workplace innovation is vital for bolstering the success and competitiveness of SMEs. It enhances employee engagement, satisfaction, and agility while maximizing the potential of the labor force. SMEs can ensure a sustainable, resilient future by promoting an innovative, adaptive culture that values collaboration. Tools and educational programs on workplace innovation and entrepreneurship (e.g. programs for modern HR management, VET guidance, innovation support for SMEs) will be developed, tested, evaluated, and permanently implemented by 7 CoVEs on three educational levels with a high degree of permeability: initial vocational training, further education, higher education (EQF levels 3-6). All project results, including advice for implementation, will be transferred to 70 associated partners. Additionally, a Ukrainian partner will apply these results through promotional activities and training for young people and SMEs in Ukraine.

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