The main objective of H2CoVE is to equip the European workforce with the right and necessary high-quality vocational skills for industries in the emerging value chains for a hydrogen economy. 5 regions: Vestland in Norway, Northern Netherlands, Tyrol in Austria, Estonia and Precartharian region in Ukraine will pool their knowledge and expertise to build local ecosystems for skills. The need for investments in infrastructure for production, storage and end-use applications for hydrogen is enormous, a skilled workforce is a prerequisite. The partner regions have complementary assets and specialisations across the hydrogen value chain and through cooperation will help to build capacity across Europe. Governments must create the right environment and incentives for businesses to make investments to fast track the hydrogen economy.

H2CoVE will contribute by: 1. Connecting and engaging citizens, education and research institutions and businesses for continuous knowledge sharing and innovation in hydrogen skills at European level through a specially designed platform 2. Improving required knowledge and skills among students, workers, and the potential workforce on basic and advanced applications for the hydrogen economy 3. Developing, updating and testing courses, modules, education programmes which answer the needs of the industry in the partner regions at different VET levels in an inclusive way 4. Ensuring European added value and sustainability for project results by embedding and transferring best practice between regions and ecosystems throughout Europe. We aim to involve 150 teachers at different VET levels in Train the Trainer courses and attract around 800 stakeholders from the business sector. 1000 employees will take part in upskilling and reskilling activities and 140 students will take part in a specially designed project competition for challenge-based learning. At least 12 project/bachelor/master theses on real challenges in the sector will be written

About us

Type of CollaborationCenter of Vocational Excellence
Starting year2024
Sector of expertise: Green skills
Electricity, gas and water supply
Renewable Energy

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