STARS: Shaping Talents and Achieving Vocational Excellence in Sports is an innovative project that revolutionizes sports education, training, and 2024 Olympic preparation. It brings together an exceptional alliance of Ministries, Sports Schools, Sport Federations and Associations and Expert Enterprises from France, Greece, Spain and Germany. With a comprehensive Center of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) model, the project empowers athletes, sets new benchmarks, and bridges academia, sports institutions, and the professional world. The STARS project is driven by a vision to transform sports education, delivering tailored programs in five meticulously designed work packages (WP).

These include : - Setting up of EU and Regional Skills Partnerships - Conceptualization and Design and Building Blocks of a Holistic Sports CoVE Model - Application of a Holistic Sports Education Model. The WP cover a wide range of areas such as open sports schools, dual careers for athletes, anti-gender-based violence initiatives, applied research, upskilling, validation of prior learning, financial models, and mega sports event management. The project's outcomes align with Olympic standards and contribute to the success of the Paris 2024 Games, with the inclusion of the French and Greek Ministry of Sport. Through collaboration, innovative methodologies, and extensive research, STARS creates sustainable impact, leaving a lasting legacy in sports education. This consortium shapes the future of sports professionals, fostering excellence across Europe.

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Type of CollaborationCenter of Vocational Excellence
Sector of expertise: Inclusion
Healthcare and Social Work
Other community, social and personal service activities

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