PROMOTE provides an integrated approach to continuous professional training for practitioners working inside the criminal correctional justice system, with a focus on the learner experience and updating competencies that have a direct impact on the successful release and integration of prisoners into society. The project aims to establish centers of vocational excellence that democratize access to learning and upskilling in a learner-centered manner. Our centers of vocational excellence serve as platforms that bring together practitioners from various backgrounds and provide them with the necessary tools, resources, and methodologies to develop the specific skills required to address the challenges they encounter in their respective roles. We prioritize problem-solving and practical skill acquisition over a rigid knowledge-centric approach. We want to set up an integrated continuous professional training mechanism for practitioners delivering activities inside of the criminal correctional justice systems (public and private employees, belonging or not to the justice system), focused on the learner experience (not on what is their employer) and on updating their competencies focused on the societal impact they have (successful release and integration of prisoners into society). We aim to facilitate the exchange of expertise and experiences among practitioners, encouraging participatory research and community-led solutions. The goal is to empower practitioners to become active participants in their own professional development and problem-solving processes. Through this approach, we aim to bridge the gaps between different employment settings and levels of education, ensuring that all practitioners have access to relevant and practical skills that can be applied in their specific contexts related to supporting integration of convicted persons

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Type of CollaborationCenter of Vocational Excellence
Starting year2024
Sector of expertise: Inclusion
Healthcare and Social Work
Other community, social and personal service activities

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