The SHOREWINNER project - Southern European Community for Offshore Wind Energy – aims to set up and develop a Community of Practice (CoP) based on the cooperation among five Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) committed to the development of skills, upskilling and reskilling of the workforce, sharing of resources, and achievement of major European goals and priorities. The CoVEs will be created in southern European countries with strong potential in the offshore energy sector (ORE): Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus. Each CoVE will engage industry representatives and VET institutions to collaboratively provide vocational training aligned with the needs of the local industry. The project will begin by comprehensively analyzing the global ORE needs concerning knowledge and skills gaps to design excellent VET curricula and resources in each CoVE. To foster cross-border multistakeholder cooperation, the project will set up a community of practice (CoP) for sharing knowledge, best practices and learning resources. Furthermore, the CoP will facilitate the design of joint curricula and the training for trainers, aiming for the upward convergence of the countries and partners' diverse expertise. The project consortium has 28 members, comprising vocational education providers, Higher Education Institutions, SMEs, research centres and national bodies. The CoP will play a crucial role in strengthening the cooperation for excellence between the CoVEs, facilitating stakeholders' communication and information flow, and providing a platform for sharing resources and opportunities during and after the project .Training programs, internships, workshops, and seminars will be organized to support the continuous professional development of learners and VET trainers and to meet experts from the ORE field, building relationships that can lead to job opportunities.

Center of Vocational Excellence
National CoVE Initiative