VOLTAGE is a transformative and forward-looking project that spearheads innovation in the dynamic and growing battery industry. Through strategic collaborations with partners in Sweden, Germany, Finland, Portugal, and Türkiye, the project places a strong emphasis on vocational education and training (VET) to address the industry's evolving demands. With a long-term vision in mind, VOLTAGE aims to build a skilled workforce capable of driving the future of the battery sector. At the heart of the project lies the establishment of Centers of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs). By fostering strong industry partnerships, VOLTAGE creates a platform where knowledge, expertise, and resources converge, facilitating the seamless integration of VET into the battery sector.

A key focus of the project is the capacity building of VET providers and teachers. Through trainings and professional development initiatives, VOLTAGE equips educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively train the next generation of battery industry professionals. In line with the green and digital transitions sweeping across Europe, VOLTAGE plays a pivotal role in accelerating these transformative processes. The project pioneers innovative approaches to training and collaborative platforms to deliver cutting-edge education experiences.

Moreover, VOLTAGE recognizes the significance of strategic dissemination efforts to maximize its impact. By sharing best practices, success stories, and project outcomes, the project aims to inspire stakeholders, policymakers, and the wider community. Ultimately, VOLTAGE envisions a future where regional and transnational collaboration in the battery industry thrives, powered by a skilled and knowledgeable VET workforce. By embracing the opportunities presented by the green and digital transitions, the project contributes long-term to new job opportunities, stimulates economic growth, and contributes to the overall sustainable development of Europe.

About us

Type of CollaborationCenter of Vocational Excellence
Starting year2024
Sector of expertise: Digitalisation
Green skills
(Advanced) Manufacturing
Electricity, gas and water supply
Renewable Energy
Transport, storage and communication

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Center of Vocational Excellence
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