The COVE-WENDT project: Centre of Vocational Excellence in Welding and Non-Destructive Testing, aims to bring together the skills of teachers and trainers from existing VET centres, research institutes and universities, industrial companies from welding sector and other stakeholders from Quadruple Helix, to create an international network of CoVEs to support the European-wide skills ecosystems, aiming the following specific objectives:

O1: Extending collaboration partnership between the actors of Quadruple Helix for enhance innovation and co-creation in welding sector and allied technologies for local innovation and regional development O2: Developing of an IT platform used as an international collaborative network for CoVEs from different countries to exchange best practices and disseminate new knowledge to promote excellence in VET O3: Developing of innovative educational materials and provide relevant training programs for the green and digital transitions in the welding sector O4: Improve the level of key competences of the VET trainers in developing and implementing of innovative approaches to tackle societal challenges, to foster innovation in education to increase the quality and effectiveness of existing CoVEs 

About us

Type of CollaborationCenter of Vocational Excellence
Starting year2024
Sector of expertise: Digitalisation
Green skills
(Advanced) Manufacturing

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