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Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICoC) is a business umbrella organization covering all sectors within its body, such as automotive, textile, chemicals, metals, minerals, electric-electronics, minreal-steel, etc., promoting SMEs’ capacities, skills, and competences in innovation, circularity, digital and green transition.

As an institution dedicated to the future of Türkiye, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce encourages rapid development and expansion of trade, small-scale industry, and service sectors on the basis of its mission.

It strives to develop new overseas markets, and organizes trade events, sectoral research and capacity building activities. It identifies and tries to eliminate the obstacles before the development of the business world. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICoC) executes the procedures concerning its members, quickly and without delay. It informs the public and helps maintain professional ethics and solidarity as referred to its character. It cooperates with all kinds of public and private, professional, scientific, social and cultural entity with a view to helping further the development of the nation.

Founded in 1882 by Abdulhamid II, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICoC) made its mark in many areas since its establishment. Today, as the world’s second-largest chamber with over 750.000 members, the ICoC to boost Turkish companies’ global influence.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has many departments such as Project and Business Development, International Relations, Economic and Social Research Centre, Human Resources Unit and Statistics. The project management and dissemination capacity of the organisation increases thanks to the important subsidiaries of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, which are listed below.

- Istanbul Commerce University,
- Centre for Commercialisation of Knowledge,
1. Istanbul Teknopark - Cube Incubation
2. Economic Development Foundation (IKV),
3. World Trade Center Istanbul,
4. Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye (TSKB),
5. IT Valley
Through the institutions listed above, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce contributes greatly to the Turkish economy by meeting the human resources needs of the sectors, contributing to the development of entrepreneurship and innovation culture, and strengthening corporatisation and digitalisation.

With its competent human resources and financial management capacity, the organisation is one of Türkiye's most powerful and long-established institutions. Working with various local and national stakeholders, especially the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Industry, ICoC is one of the leading institutions of the national economy.

-Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME),
-Alliance of European Metropolitan Chambers (AEMC),
-Danube Chambers of Commerce Federation (DCCF),
-International Chamber of Commerce (ICC),
-Sub-Industry Market (YSB, as part of UNIDO Technical Cooperation).

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is active in all sectors in Turkey such as textile, chemical, electrical-electronics, metal and steel and automation. SMEs from different sectors;
- Increasing their export capacity,
- Increasing digital transformation and green transformation capacities,
- It is active in increasing its activities related to national and international programmes and legislation and cooperation processes.

Working in cooperation with its 81 professional committees (check out:, ICoC organises regular meetings, workshops and field research to understand the needs of specific sub-sectors. Through these meetings, ICoC contributes to addressing the identified needs of the professional committees and actively works towards supporting the competitiveness of the Turkish economy.

The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce works in active cooperation with the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, various organised industrial zones and clusters, business organisations and universities. ICoC is currently leading the design of the curricula of 54 Vocational High Schools in Istanbul in line with the needs of the sector, contributing to the development of 57,563 students and 3980 teachers in these vocational high schools.

In 2019, ICoC signed a 'Vocational Education Cooperation Protocol' with the 'Ministry of National Education', 'Ministry of Industry and Technology', 'Istanbul Chamber of Industry' and 'Istanbul Technical University'. With this protocol;

1. To increase the quality of vocational and technical education,
2. To continue to enrich the course curricula with topics such as information technologies curriculum, blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, cyber security and mobile applications,
3. Strengthen on-the-job training in industry,
4. To update the education contents in vocational high schools for the needs of the sector, starting from Istanbul,

In this context, ICoC continues its activities to develop sectoral research, in-kind and cash contributions to education and training activities, opening of workshops and laboratories, training and training days, internship and cooperation practices.

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Type of organisation:Chamber
Education level:ISCED 5: Short-cycle tertiary education
ISCED 6: Bachelor's or equivalent level
ISCED 7: Master's or equivalent level
ISCED 8: Doctoral or equivalent level
Sector of expertise:(Advanced) Manufacturing
Accommodation and food service activities
Arts, entertainment and recreation
Culture/Creative industries
Electricity, gas and water supply
Healthcare and Social Work
Mining and quarrying
Professional, scientific and technical activities
Renewable Energy
Transport, storage and communication
Wholesale and retail trade
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence:No.
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