Women from a variety of backgrounds and cultures founded the WEnCoop, a "broad-based" energy cooperative. The Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs, is the organization behind this initiative, which seeks to advance women's entrepreneurship and enable its members to work in the energy sector through the use of clean energy sources. Together, the members of WEnCoop innovate and build Europe's first energy cooperative, implementing the energy revolution in the net-zero world.

WEnCoop’s goal is to strengthen the role of citizens and to gradually change them from consumers to active members and micro-investors in local clean energy investment projects. As the Energy communities are an important vehicle for the transition to self-consumption, WEnCoop wants and aims to provide free quantities to vulnerable groups, mainly single-parent families of women, etc.

The project has created the first 1 MW solar power plant, located in Kassandreia, Chalkidiki. The businesses, run by 60 women, will be able to cover the cost of electricity - one of the most significant operating costs - thanks to the autonomy granted by the Energy Community. The transition of their companies to a green economy has also been achieved.

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