4Werk is a unique platform comprising 24 custom work companies in West Flanders. We are a structured non-profit organization with paying members, an external chairman, a Board of Directors, and Directors' Meetings. We represent the custom work companies employing 6,900 workers, of which over 80% (5,800) are individuals who, for various reasons, cannot, have not yet, or may never be employed in conventional enterprises. We tailor our offerings to meet the needs of our partners and clients, aligning our processes with the requirements of our employees.

4Werk operates from a common interest. The added value of this platform manifests in the following points:

  1. Joint societal responsibility to promote sustainable employment.
  2. Strong economic profiling.
  3. Unique internal collaboration.
  4. Ambition to make the members more successful.
  5. Actively playing a role in the economy and factories of the future.

About us

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