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ContactDr. Ahmet Faruk Yesilsu
E-mail addresssumae@tarimorman.gov.tr
Type of organisation:Research Institute
Education level:ISCED 7: Master's or equivalent level
ISCED 8: Doctoral or equivalent level
Sector of expertise:Agriculture, hunting & forestry
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence:Institute has National Fisheries Gene Bank:

The "National Fisheries Gene Bank" is a prominent institution in Turkey dedicated to the conservation and utilization of aquatic genetic resources. The center plays a crucial role in safeguarding copies of all collections within the National Program Network that pertain to aquatic genetic resources. Additionally, it is responsible for regularly updating and publishing the National Inventory. The center facilitates access to genetic material from biological reference collections for a diverse user base, including both national and international researchers.

Our primary objective at the "National Fisheries Gene Bank" is to optimally store aquatic genetic resources, utilizing biotechnology methods to protect biological diversity as a national asset. The creation of a national gene bank and database reserves is integral to this mission. While advancements in biotechnology, particularly gene editing, are poised to revolutionize the function of gene banks, the unique genes and combinations resulting from evolution remain irreplaceable. Consequently, gene banks will continue to be indispensable in the near to mid-future, elucidating the functions of all genes.

The gene bank performs vital functions such as the collection, preparation, and long-term maintenance of biological samples from aquatic species. It also engages in genetic recording of endangered and threatened species, utilizing biotechnology techniques for the conservation, preservation, and management of aquatic genetic resources. Since 2021, it has proudly served as the sole aquaculture gene bank in Europe and the second in the world. This status enables the provision of in situ protection and the creation of an informative and reproducible reference database for future studies.

The gene bank extends its services beyond living gene banks of endangered and endemic species, encompassing tissue, DNA, benthic macroorganism, and sperm containment. The facility boasts various units, including live preservation of fishery products, a molecular genetics laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a tissue and DNA bank, a sperm gene bank, and the fish museum. This comprehensive infrastructure allows for the retrospective analysis of genetic data, positioning the center as a significant international reference for ongoing and future studies.
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