BEWEL (Hasselt)

"Bewel can make a significant difference for companies dealing with waste streams that are challenging to separate. Not everything can be processed mechanically, and that's where our skilled hands make a difference.

A prime example is our work for Electronite. We dismantle their used cables, separating the valuable platinum from other materials. This platinum, with high financial value, is reintroduced into circulation. It's a precision task that machines cannot handle."  

"To streamline and strengthen our ambitions and capabilities in the circular economy, we have established our own circular working group. We have also joined a project by Groep Maatwerk, which provides support to sheltered workshops in the context of the circular economy. Together with the external consulting firm Möbius, we are scrutinizing our operations and activities, with the ultimate goal of further developing ourselves as the go-to partner for profitable circular initiatives.

Bewel as a social and circular partner. If you want to emphasize circularity in your production processes or waste streams, we collaborate with you to design a sustainable workflow and deploy our skilled hands for your needs."

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