The Finnish Red Cross, FRC

Tens of thousands of Finnish Red Cross members and volunteers take part in the activities of their local branch.

The supreme authority of the organisation lies with the General Assembly, which represents the members and meets every three years. The General Assembly selects the board and other elected bodies for the organisation to lead the operations of the organisation.

First Aid Training: One of the key objectives of the Red Cross is to protect life and health. The organisation carries out a variety of activities in order to meet this goal, one being our high-quality first aid training for citizens.

Health promotion is an essential part of the Red Cross preparedness work in Finland. We work together with local authorities and organisations as well as other health promotion operators.

Our trained volunteers support people in finding lifestyles that promote health and guide them to local services as necessary.

Friend activities: Loneliness is harmful to a person’s well-being. Each of us needs the company of another person, and even a single positive relationship can stop the cycle of loneliness.

Thousands of trained Finnish Red Cross volunteer friends offer concrete help with loneliness.

Youth Shelters: The Finnish Red Cross Youth Shelters listen and look for solutions when things go wrong at home or elsewhere.

At the Youth Shelters, you can ask us about anything related to adolescence or parenting – an everyday worry or a major life crisis.  Contact us online, call us whenever you need to or come directly to one of our Youth Shelters. You can come to us on your own initiative and without an appointment. Our help is free of charge.

Food Aid activities: The Red Cross organises food aid activities in several towns across Finland. Our food aid is built around respectful and safe encounters with human values. Our activities are based on volunteering.

Second-hand Department stores: The Kontti second-hand department stores sell donated products. Kontti is a part of the fundraising activities of the Finnish Red Cross, and its proceeds are divided between aid activities in Finland and the Disaster Relief Fund.  Some donations are sent through the Finnish Red Cross Logistics Centre to aid targets around the world. Kontti stores also provide emergency aid in domestic disasters, e.g. for families who have lost their homes in fires.

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