We recover waste from companies to offer them as material for creation, extracting the beauty that exists in them and showing the infinite possibilities of action they offer. We dialogue between cultural, artistic, educational, environmental and scientific contexts. We recover, rethink and catalog non-toxic objects of all kinds, from cardboard, paper and all their derivatives, to natural material (stones, wood,...), metal objects, plastics or any other waste that we consider interesting. They are objects decontextualized from the function for which they were created. In this way we give each piece as many possibilities as the user wishes to give it, generating infinite immersions in the game in which logical-mathematical, spatial or sensory concepts, among others, arise naturally and are embraced by the protagonist to the extent just where he is prepared to do it. This is why the creative process in its purest form is breathed in the Laboratory regardless of the age of the person using the material.

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