Ashes to Life Project

ATL Project is an R&D&I project promoted by ASHES TO LIFE whose objective is to help regenerate the planet's burned forests.

When a forest burns, there is nothing left. Nothing but ash.

ASHES TO LIFE Project proposes to transform a small portion of that ash into different products, and with its sale, obtain funds that help the regeneration of those same forests through an Ecological Restoration Protocol.

Thus, we will be able to create life, again, from the ashes.

ASHES TO LIFE Project is a unique, complex and pioneering research project carried out in collaboration with environmental experts whose ultimate objective is to develop a specific Action Protocol to restore areas affected by forest fires, which allows:

1. Carry out a specific diagnosis of the needs in each burned forest and develop the optimal methodology to extract a portion of ash, so that it does not compromise the regeneration of the environment.

2. Produce and subsequently sell limited editions of products made with that same ash after being approved for use in cosmetics.

3. Carry out our Environmental Regeneration Program with the funds obtained through the sale of these ash products.

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