Agrosingularity is a start up that produces solutions and ingredients for the food industry from the waste of agroindustrial production, giving a second life to production surpluses that would otherwise end up being lost and contributing to the emission of COe into the atmosphere.

Its founders wanted to do their bit with a project that proposes avoiding food waste.

This, as in the case of plastic, is another of the great problems of society worldwide.

Based in Murcia, the place par excellence of the national garden, the company identifies agricultural by-products that it turns into powder.

Subsequently, this pulverized waste is reintroduced again into three industries: food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

In summary, it is a decentralized platform for the production of powdered raw materials, which uses by-products from the food industry as raw materials.

As an example, we can talk about the artichoke leaves that are discarded in the canning industry.

Garlic peels or watermelon extract are other notable examples, which after being transformed into powder are the basis of dietary products and nutritional and energy supplements.

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