The European Centre of Vocational Excellence in Accessibility project’s vision is to enhance social inclusion of people with disabilities by focusing on excellence in Vocational Education and Training. The project aims to establish a Centre of Vocational Excellence researching the requirements of people with disabilities as well as stakeholders’ needs and priorities concerning accessibility issues. The data collected will form the VET programmes and curricula that will lead to the training frame and the certification of two new specialties: the Accessibility Certifier and the Accessibility Consultant. AccessCoVE will also target the upskilling and reskilling of specific groups, as well as of students in secondary and tertiary education.

You find the factsheet of this CoVE here.

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Begripsam ABCamara Oficial De Comercio, Industria, Servicios Y Navegacion De Granada
Centro Superior De Formacion Europa-Sur SaChangemaker Educations AB
Città Sotto Scacco STP Di Ricerca E Formazione
Everycode S,LFondazione ASPHI Onlus.
Gnomon PlirophorikisHABI diseño accesible SL
Kungliga Tekniska HoegskolanPanellinios Omospondia Xenodohon
Parque Tecnologico De Andalucia Sa-PtaPolitecnico Di Torino
Region of Central MacedoniaRemoove srl
Smarteching Education IKESyndesmos Epicheiriseon Pliroforikis Voreias Elladas
Ucert MonoprosopiUniversity of Macedonia
onfederacion Espanola De Personas Con Discapacidad Fisica Y Organica – Cocemfe

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