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Celebrating its 50th anniversary as one of the pioneering industrial zones of the Ankara industry, OSTİM is an SME city with international brand value as a solution center for meeting the national needs in which more than 6,200 enterprises and more than 60,000 employees operate in 17 sectors and 139 business lines. With that being said, OSTİM is one of the largest industrial zones situated in Europe. Due to a dire need for a continuous supply of skilled labor and engineers and also of the young entrepreneurs to come up with new startups and establish new industries, the trust of OSTİM realized the need to establish a 3 rd generation university to fulfill these needs. The “third-generation” or “entrepreneurial university” has an approach that eliminates solid walls for the benefit of the society and places the university at the center of the production and innovation process together with the companies. In the age, we live in, “education and training” alone are not enough to educate students theoretically. Both students and academicians are expectedto increase their patent, utility model, industrial design, and brand development capacity, innovate, contribute economically through entrepreneurship and commercialize based on university-industry cooperation. After a series of planned steps, OSTİM Technical University was established in 2017. It is viewed as the “University of Industry”, training its graduates to transform Science and technology into practice. OSTIM Technical University has been established to nurture one of the key factors for Turkey’s Economic and Industrial development. This is foreseen to be achieved by close cooperation with the business world, industry, and the public sector. A substantial part of our curriculum is based upon rigorous practical work, research projects, and entrepreneurial achievements. The graduates of OSTİM Technical University will get an entrepreneurial scorecard along with their degree. This scorecard is going to indicate their experience and practical achievements in their fields during their graduation. The University has ten engineering departments of faculty of engineering; seven departments under the faculty of economics and administrative sciences; four departments under the faculty of architecture and design; and thirteen departments under the vocational school of higher education. OSTİM Technical University has also started two postgraduate programs under the graduate school of natural and applied sciences and three postgraduate programs under the graduate school of social sciences. In adition to our universty’s current situation, also, there are departments and programs that have been applied to the Council of Higher Education and are planned to be opened. These departments and programsare Cyber Security and Informatics Vocational School, Data Science and Big Data Technologies, Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Web Design and Coding, Digital Game Technologies and Social Media Management. 

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Type of organisation:Tertiary education
Education level:ISCED 6: Bachelor's or equivalent level
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Sector of expertise:Education
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