Clúster Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica

Clúster Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica (CET) is a non-profit business association that aims to promote competitiveness and technological development in the Canary Islands, Spain. It is an organisation made up of companies and entities related to information and communication technologies (ICT), energy, biotechnology, engineering, and other technological sectors. CET counts on around 100 associated companies, employing more than 1700 employees and generating over €125 million revenue yearly. Their expertise compromise technological consultancy, systems engineering and software development as well as the implementation of ready-to-use solutions such as SAAS. Its mission is to promote and disseminate Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a factor of economic and social progress through excellence. CET activities include research, innovation, and technology transfer.

About us

ContactFran Piñeiro
Type of organisation:Professional/sector association
Education level:ISCED 5: Short-cycle tertiary education
ISCED 6: Bachelor's or equivalent level
ISCED 7: Master's or equivalent level
ISCED 8: Doctoral or equivalent level
Sector of expertise:Cybersecurity
Professional, scientific and technical activities
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