There are schools of various types and levels within the Kepez District Directorate of National Education. There are 37 Kindergartens, 57 Primary Schools, 67 Secondary Schools, 38 High Schools, 16 Vocational High Schools and Special Education Schools affiliated to our Directorate. There are 6105 teachers and 106130 students in the district. The fields of our vocational high schools in the district there are 16 Schools Fields/branches ACCOMMODATION AND TRAVEL SERVICES INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE INSTALLATION TECHNOLOGY AND AIR CONDITIONING ART AND DESIGN FIELD JOURNALISM BEAUTY AND HAIR CARE SERVICES JUSTICE CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY MACHINERY AND DESIGN TECH CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION MARKETING AND RETAIL CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY METAL TECHNOLOGY ELECTRIC-ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY MOTOR VEHICLES TECHNOLOGY FAMILY AND CONSUMER SERVICES OFFICE MANAGEMENT AND EXECUTIVE ASSISTANCE FASHION DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES PATIENT AND ELDERLY SERVICES FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICES PLASTIC ARTS FOOD TECHNOLOGY PRINTING TECHNOLOGY FURNITURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN PUBLIC RELATIONS GRAPHICS AND PHOTOS RADIO-TELEVISION HANDICRAFT TECHNOLOGY RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES TRANSPORTATION SERVICES 2 Adult Education Center with many different fields/branches ( For 2022-2023 years 1523 course - 35925 trainee ) Special Education Schools Kindergarten/Primary/Secondary/High School Mild intellectual disability - Severe and moderate intellectual disability - Mild autism - Severe and moderate autism - Hearing impaired - Visually impaired

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Type of organisation:Regional authority
Education level:ISCED 1: Primary education
ISCED 2: Lower secondary education
ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
ISCED 5: Short-cycle tertiary education
Sector of expertise:Accommodation and food service activities
Arts, entertainment and recreation
Electricity, gas and water supply
Financial intermediation
Health and Social Work
Renewable Energy
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