Kayseri Chamber of Auto Craftsmen

As Kayseri Chamber of Auto Craftsmen, we want to prepare a project for the establishment of a vocational training center for the repair and maintenance of electric vehicles. We want to learn about the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles in Kayseri. In this regard, we want to repair electric vehicles. For this reason, we are looking for partners to establish a vocational training center.

About us

ContactGonca Ertugrul
E-mail addressgoncaertugrul@gmail.com
Type of organisation:Chamber
Education level:ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
Sector of expertise:Education
Current level of involvement in Vocational Excellence:As Kayseri Chamber of Auto Craftsmen, we took part in the Kayseri Mobiboya (Green Paint) Project with a budget of 8.500.000 EURO within the scope of the EU IPA-II Competitive Sectors Program. Within the scope of our project, a "Common Water Based Painting Facility" was established for the furniture, automotive and metal goods sectors, and the main activities were carried out to organize trainings for employees, stakeholders and especially SMEs.
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