Wind of Renewal / Anemos Ananeosis

Through the WELCOMMON Hostel, a new Hostel in Athens, they are combining two “different” aims: sustainable tourism, green and social innovation with social inclusion, art, and intercultural dialogue.

They use the 2 floors as an open center for social empowerment, social inclusion, social and green entrepreneurship activities, intercultural dialogue and art work.

The remaining 5 floors of the WELCOMMON HOSTEL are dedicated for sustainable tourism.

One of their goals is to create new employment opportunities for everyone in areas such as up-cycling, green / cyclic economy, energy efficiency and others. 

In addition, they promote educational programmes to schools, young people and stakeholders in the field of reduction of energy consumption and on renewable energy sources topics focused on vocational education of Green skills and professions field.

About us

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Phone(+30) 2103810646
SCE expertise Green innovations
Green skills
Social Economy
Social inclusion
Societal Impact
Circular economy
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