Wise Greece

The social cause of Wise Greece is double: on the one hand it helps the small Greek producers -the backbone of the Greek economy- to develop, to promote and to export their products, while on the other hand it manages to constantly collect and offer high nutritious food supplies to Social Groceries, Soup Kitchens and Orphanages. 

Also, Wise Greece implements educational programs focusing on combating unemployment and strengthening entrepreneurship. 

Μeanwhile, it designs and organizes Corporate Social Responsibility programs in collaboration with companies, so as to maximize its social impact or to address important humanitarian crises such as the pandemic of COVID-19.

At the same time, Wise Greece implements educational programs focusing on promoting the Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable production and consumption.

About us

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Phone(+30) 213 027 6559
E-mail addressinfo@wisegreece.com
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Green skills
Social Economy
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Circular economy
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