CESIE’s main mission is to promote cultural, social, educational and economic development addressing diverse social needs and challenges. Meaningfully connecting research and action through the use of innovative learning approaches based on both informal and non-formal education methods, CESIE is committed to stimulate the active participation of and fruitful collaboration between the civil society, the private sector and public institutions, capitalizing on its broad network of local and international partners. CESIE has a long-established experience in writing and managing European projects, with many Erasmus+ projcts approved in the field of Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning. We are currently implementing over 100 projects in variety of sectors, covering different topics such as sustainability, digitalization, environment and ecological transition, smart agriculture and blue economy. CESIE has also great experience in the development of innovating and non-formal training, learning and teaching method, tools, good practise. CESIE is expert also about the Quality Assurance and monitoring of the project actions. Moreover, CESIE has a great potential for dissemination and can count on a wide network of around +3000 organisation partners to reach out that includes local authorities, NGOs, public sector bodies, youth workers, trainers and teachers, educational institutions (universities, VET organisations, colleges, schools), umbrella organisations of trainers, SMEs and larger businesses. If you’re looking for an organisation to involve in your proposal, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Type of organisation:VET provider
Sector of expertise:Agriculture, hunting & forestry
Culture/Creative industries
Health and Social Work
Other community, social and personal service activities
Professional, scientific and technical activities
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