The Federation of Swedish Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture/YA - Vocational College of Ostrobothnia

Social Circular Economy aims to inspire people to rethink, redesign and pursue a positive future with the belief that coupling the principles of the circular economy with social enterprise gives the right conditions to foster innovation and creativity, for a world with local solutions to meet societal, environmental and economic needs.

An intercultural learning environment is a setting that favors transparency, responsiveness, cooperation, social adaptation, creative thinking, flexibility and solution-oriented approaches that are vital in order to enhance the competitiveness  and quality of the Finnish working life, education and training from a global perspective.

1. Partnerships -through qualitative cooperation and networks be able to offer training courses that correspond to the export-oriented Vaasa region as well as student expectations. 2. YA, part of society - participates actively in the development of society and anticipates  future competence needs. 3. Professional staff - employees with an up-to-date and broad professional expertise. 4. YA your choice- available vocational education and training with the possibility of individual choices.

Social impact is the change delivered for people by an organisation’s actions; these can be positive, negative, intended or unintended. Clearly the aim is to have a positive effect by tackling societal problems, improving opportunities for disadvantaged people and strengthening communities.

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