Capace cu Suflet / Bottle Caps with Love

Caps with love is an easy idea to implement and customize, for communities of people who are passionate about good deeds and who care about WHAT'S IN and WHAT'S AROUND them. 

In 4 simple steps it would be like this:

* encouraging the collection of HDPE (code 2) and PP (code 5) plastic bottle caps * selling the plastic bottle caps to specialized companies * rounding up the amounts with NGO funds * donating to causes proposed by the people involved in the project themselves.

The amounts are not very large, but we are talking about money obtained from things that would otherwise end up in the garbage or in the environment.  The amounts, multiplied by other funds we manage to obtain become more consistent.

Anyone can suggest a cause they have heard about (often it's someone's child, a child from a child's kindergarten/school, someone from their grandparents' village, a school in a village, etc). Most people collect caps without a cause in mind because we will always find someone who needs it.  

Individually and in companies/kindergartens/institutions/wherever, people collect the plastic bottle caps in any kind of containers placed in a place where the whole world is (near the elevator, in the kitchen, near the copier, hobby room, etc.) and then keep them in boxes, raffia bags or airy containers. When the quantity that needs to be handed over is collected, we speak to establish the logistics, which differ from case to case. We don't have collection centers, but, like with a civic initiative, we rely on volunteers who can centralize them or, in certain localities, collaborators who can take them. 


At the moment we have collaborators and ambassadors who represent us in their city, inspiring people from the local community to join the initiative and help us with the centralization of the plastic bottle caps in the following areas: Alba, Arad, Bihor, Bistrita, Braila, Brasov, Bucharest and Ilfov, Cluj, Constanta, Harghita, Iasi, , Mures, Prahova, Sibiu, Suceava, Timisoara and Tulcea.

In addition to the ambassadors, we have two strong allies PENNY Supermarkets for the Bucharest and Ilfov areas and CORA Supermarkets countrywide, where anyone can hand over the collected plastic bottle caps.

* collected 82 tons of plastic bottle caps (i.e. approx. 45 million lids);

* donated 114.750 RON (eq to ~23.000 EUR) from the sale of lids and donations; * contributed to 124 social causes;

* more than 200 educational institutions and more than 300 state and private companies have joined us as partners.

It may not seem like much, but to us it seems at least extraordinary! In 2022 alone we have already handed over 46 tons, compared to only 23 tons in the previous year.

Our focus moves more and more towards education, with one project ongoing in 8 schools and others prepared for the following period.

For more details please view: Caps with Love prsentation

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