CIFEA de Molina de Segura. 




Our School is an institution that offers training in agriculture, food processing, cattle, forestry, environment and gardening for young students (vocational training), adult students and lifelong learners (employment training: continuous and occupational training). Our School is a public school that belongs to the Agriculture and Water Department of the Regional Government. 


CIFEA de Molina is located at the centre of Molina de Segura (Murcia), with more than 50 years of experience in the field of VET, and our way of thinking is based on four main principles; quality, equality, sustainability and democracy. 


We have the following VET courses for two important families of studies, food processing and security & environment.


  • Medium degree (EQF 3) - Foodstuffs Making.
  • High degrees (EQF 4)   - Processing and Quality Food Industry, Education and environmental control, Chemistry and Environmental Health.


Our number of VET students is around 150 students by year, between 16 to 65 or more years old and our principal area of influence is Murcia and Molina de Segura with a population of a million people.


Other important activities of CIFEA are;


Vocational Training in Agriculture to realize actions of technology transfer to the sector, take part in International projects and implement quality programs in training.


Employment Training: Continuous (Lifelong learning), offering courses in the fields of;


  • Training offers are planned according to needs and orientations asked by the sector.
  • Coordinated, approved and qualified, according to training itinerary. 
  • Collaboration with local, regional and national institutions: MAPA, Regional Departments, town councils…
  • Collaboration with Farmer's Organizations, Cooperatives, companies’ sector…


We are specialised in the subjects like water efficiency use, Technical (Pruning, Grafting, Pest Control, post-harvest management...), and Environmental. (Recycling, reusing waste, Laws and rules, Environment management systems...), Rural Development (Rural tourism, homemade food industry, internet...), Teachers Training & Advisors Training,

Labour and Food Safety of agricultural machinery …)



NATIONAL REFERENCE CENTRE IN FOOD INDUSTRY, CANNED VEGETABLE AREA. Training, Information, Innovation, Development and Experimentation



The National Reference Centres (NRCs) are innovation and experimentation centres that act as an institution at the service of vocational training systems to facilitate their competitiveness and quality, and to respond to changes in the demand for qualifications in productive sectors.


They are distinguished for programming and executing innovative, experimental and formative actions in the field of training, in such a way that they serve as a reference for the whole of the National System of Qualifications and Vocational Training, in the field of their family or professional area and for the whole Spanish territory.


With absolute innovative vocation, and currently dependent on the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Regional Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment of the Region of Murcia, with the collaboration of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), Ministry of Labour and Social Economy, the NATIONAL REFERENCE CENTRE FOR FOOD INDUSTRY, AREA OF CANNED VEGETABLES (NRC-CV) was officially created in 2015 in Molina de Segura (Murcia).


There are several strategic objectives and areas of action of CRN-Canned Vegetables. In short, the RNC-CV mainly INNOVATES, TRAINS, INFORMS, DEVELOPS and EXPERIMENTS.


Being NRC means being a reference in the development, experimentation and transfer of knowledge and technology, innovating by training the professionals of the future within the sector, with the most innovative techniques that exist at all times and on cutting-edge topics; it means interacting with the sector, technology and research centres, facilitating all intellectual, innovative and productive transfer.


In short, everything that helps in the development, competitiveness and satisfaction of the qualification needs of workers in this productive sector.


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