Kristoffer Sindby


SuDS, climate protection of buildings, teaching, drainage technology, climate adaptation, advice, facilitation and dissemination.


Participation in development projects and teaching in climate adaptation. Support for climate adaptation projects, green solutions, sewer renovation, operation and sales. Sparring on construction cases and project review.

I am an expert in seeing the connection in areas, products and solutions within climate adaptation, hydraulics and sewer.


In my position at OKNygaard, I have a lot of contact with the performers, and I arrange with the project manager which competencies need to be strengthened the individual projects. It also gives me very practical knowledge from the projects about what works and how it can be done differently. As a consultant at the Danish Technological Institute, I was involved in setting the framework and impart new knowledge through teaching and publishing pipe center instructions. In addition, I have performed several development courses with producers, municipalities, companies m.f. Som Adm. Director of Brdr. Sindby, I have carried out LAR projects for both small and large plants, some have been handled traditionally, others more alternatively. I have via of my duties as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the trade association The Green Sewer Contractors have helped to make my mark the political agenda and developed campaigns with others trade associations and the Ministry of the Environment.

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